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Image by Nathan Hurst


Focussing on the things that really matter

The team at KLI understands the pressures that are put on both your time and money

Following the global financial crisis, it became apparent that the expectations of clients was changing.  Gone was the focus for traditional style of living and maximising the almighty dollar. In its place, were conversations about lifestyle, and making money for purpose.


Like you, the KLI team is also working towards the lifestyle that defines us. A lifestyle that defines our values and our attitudes. For some of us, it is embracing our cultural traditions. Others are ticking things off our bucket list, undertaking community projects or showcasing our talents. We work hard but we balance that off with stuff we like to do outside the office.


This is why we created KLI Lifestyle, a space for you and us to tell each other our stories and how we are writing them. So come on this journey with us and tell us your story or read about ours at #kli_lifestyle

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